The SDB program is an educational program used at several DmM Schools world wide.
DmM means “Den Moderne Metodefastlæggelse” and translated to English this means  “The Modern method of teaching” DmM is a teaching and learning method where you put the student at the center  of its own education.
In order to implement this method of teaching, the SDB program was developled  as a tool to administrate the complete education for the students.

SDB is more than just a list of tasks that the students can choose from. In SDB The teacher make the yearplan, weekplan, individual plans adapted for each student. The students can send tasks to the teacher and the teacher can correct it and give points pr task when completed.
The keyword throughout the DmM School year is Points, points and points

Every task is nominated with a defined number of points and each week the student has to reach a target defined in the weekplan.

An important part of DmM is that you give value to every part of the education. This means you can get points for self studies, for participating in courses, participating in experiences and you can even define your own experiences where you can document that you have learned something and you get points for this as well. Education is everything that forms the student and DmM put a value to all this.
In This task, you will get a quick overview over the functionalities in the SDB program and learn where to find them


  1. Watch the video under “Files” It will go through the most important functions.You can stop, pause, rewind the film at any time
  2. Start your SDB program and spend about 20minutes to click around in it and try to find all the functions shown in the film


Watch the film. Its about 5MB and may take up to a minute to load.
You can pause the film at any time by pressing "spacebar" on your keyboard




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