A student on a DmM school will normally use the SDB program on a daily base. This is where everything happens.
An important principle in DmM is to put the student in the centre of its own learning.
To facilitate this, the student needs to know every corner of the SDB program.
They need to go where to find their year plan, week plan, statuses and how to resolve the tasks in the databases.  For the student to take charge of his own education its important that all sides of SDB is used, followed up and that the student uses it as the principal instrument to guide and inspire them through out the school year.
In this task you will learn to navigate through the SDB program with the students interface.
Most parts are the same the differences will be highlighted in this task


  1. Watch the film under files
  2. Log in as a student on your schools SDB and spend 10-15 minutes to click around. Imagine that for every function available the student asks you "Whats this"?
    After this course you should be able to answer all the question about where to find each functionality and what they can and can not


The Film might take up to 1 minute to load in your browser
You can pause it at any time using the spacebar on your keyboard.


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