In the SDB database there are several hundred courses on many levels. If you want to hold a course and have a title in mind, you can go to search and write a keyword and search for it.
I am sure you will find a course about that specific subject already in the SDB

For the students and teachers, it’s important to create an easy overview over the courses you as the teacher want to hold during the school year.

With a few clicks, the student and teacher should be able to click in and see which courses have been selected for a specific team.
 In SDB this is possible. Its called My Teams Courses.
Here the students can see available courses, the teacher can click courses as held and students can mark courses as participated.
Here some key observations about Courses and Course Planning

  1. You can search and add any course from the schools courses database to your team's courses
  2. If you create a new course, add the course to your school/teams database, and then use course planning to add the course to My Teams Courses
  3. In Week plan you should link to the course in My Teams Courses, not to where it was originally created

In this course, you will learn how to make a course plan for your team. How to later add to it or remove courses previously selected



  1. Watch the film about creating a team course plan under Files
  2. Check/Create/Update a course plan for your own team where you add the courses for the next month to the plan. You need to know where the courses are found, and for this you can use the "search" function.



You can pause the film at any time by pressing the spacebar on your keybaord


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