After making a year plan, the next level of planning is the week plan
Using the week plan is a good way to make sure that you keep to the plan. Its also very easy for the student to just open and get started. It’s concrete and can be used as a motivator for the students to see that the points can be achieved
It also makes the life easier for the teacher. In stead of having to start by helping every student to find their way through the SDB to find the correct task, they can now access it directly from the week plan


Here are some key facts about the week plan:

  • The teacher makes it and publish to the team
  • The teacher can add all activities and can also overwrite any activity the student has added.
  • The student can not delete what the teacher has added to the week plan BUT if the teacher has left some blank fields for him to plan, he can add studies or experiences in this areas.
  • Both teacher and student can add something called Personal Plan. This can overwrite anything in the plan but the week plan still allows you to see what was originally planned. Personal plan is an option where you can add non curricular activities like going to the dentist, doctor, early home leave etc.
  • You can also load saved week templates or even download weekplans from DmM Support and import into your class.


In this task you will learn to work with weekplan. You will learn how to add any activity, what your options and limitations are and what the students can do within the planning module




  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. Create a weekplan for your own team. At least put in the courses and common experiences and some examples of study tasks. Plan at least 50% of the point for that week and save it as a tempate called "SDB Course Weekplan" on your server



This film is about 20minutes long. Its 10MB so it may take some time to load

Remember you can pause the film at any time by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard



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