To complete this task successfully i suggest that all teachers in the teacher council do this task the same week, so it can be discussed at the next teachers meeting.


SP Points are supplementing points earned outside the points earned in studies, courses and experiences within the schools program.
SP-Time is defined as time outside the normal school day/school program.
There are no doubt that when the school day is over, the students still have a lot of energy that can be used on activities that makes the student wiser , learn new things or learning to have fun in different ways.
The SDB also gives place to give value to this and this is where SP-Time and SP-Points are used. The teacher council can decide a price system for a team and later you can make an individual price system for each student.

The way it works is that you setup a point target that all students has to get before they start to earn points for prices. If this target is set to 20, it means that as soon as the student has more than 20 points, he starts to collect points for prices


The SP Points can be used in several ways:

  • It’s a way to put value to all learning, also the once outside the normal school program
  • It can be used as a motivator to an active free time as the students can earn prices
  • It can be used as a motivator for students who are not very strong in the subjects but really like to make practical actions and in this way you give this value and it improves the self confidence of the student
  • SP Point can be used as a negosiation between teacher and student “if you make 5 points in SP-Time I will give that thing we talked about”


It’s a good thing to discuss the policy for SP-Points in the teacher council before you implement it. In this way you can better make a fair price system.

In this task you will learn how to setup the SP Point, How to set the minimum target and publish it to the student. After this task you should be able to explain to the student what SP-Time is



  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. Create a SP Point target for your team
  3. Create a short description of the point system on your team. This might need a meeting in the teacher council, so its a good idea that all teachers in the teacher council do this course the same week.



Remember you can pause the film at any time using the spacebar on your keyoard



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