You now have a year plan for your team so all your students knows how many points they need to achieve week by week.

However as you know, there are always special circumstances that makes it impossible that all the students has the same targets


Here are some typical reasons:

  • A student starts 3 weeks later than the others.
  • A student is off 1 week on sick leave
  • A student has had  a hard time in the start of the school year and is far behind. You might need to negotiate to lower his target
  • A student finds it hard to get all the points needed in Studies, but are very happy to learn practical skills helping the schools handyman. You may put down the target for Studies and up the target for Experience for this student

The ability to make individual year plan and targets are vital for the implementation of DmM. In this way you can always make sure that the status always are correct for each of the students based on individual agreements with each of the students

In this task you will learn how to make an adapted year plan for one student and more important, how to make sure you do not overwrite this next time you publish an update in the general year plan to all students


  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. Make sure that the status page for your team is correct. This means that from school start until last weeks status all should be up to date. You have to make sure all points are achievable. If some are far behind because they have not done the job, still give them a challenge, but within reach.
    If you have students who has started later, been away from the school, adjust their targets so your next status meeting has correct targets for all the students and you therefore can discuss how to achieve the missing points or/and give some prices to the once who has reached their points




You can pause the film at any time by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.
You can also rewind or forward by draggning the indicator in the player



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