You have already published a week plan for your team and you are ready to present the plan for your students. Kasper has just spoken to the local mechanics and has been invited to work in the work shop this Tuesday, the whole day, so he can learn how it is to be a mechanic as he is really considering becoming one.
As a teacher you think that this is a very good idea, and quickly you go in under Own Experiences and create a task worth 6 points for Kasper so he get experience points from it. The agreement is that he will come back and write an own experience about the day and send it to you and get his points.
You would like to update his week plan to reflect this. In this way the week plan will be up to date and it becomes documentation for what each student has done all the time.
At the same time, by adding this experience to the week plan, it’s very easy for Kasper to find the task, complete it and send it to you

In this task you will learn how to update the week plan for one student, and what to be aware of, so you do not overwrite when doing other changes in the same week plan for the whole team




  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. In your own class, try to update the week plan for one student for the present week or any previous weeks where one was not following the common program. Check it and make sure the week plan looks right for him and the other students



You can pause the film at any times by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard


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