It’s quite normal that in a class all student follow more or less the same program. This means you can make a team study plan that will be correct for most of the student.

But there is always some in a class that will have a slightly different program
In this example I will use a student in 9th class. The team has English as a subject in the teams plan but she is taking German exams this year and therefore we have decided that she should not read English but German as a foreign language.

This means we have to remove English and add German to her Individual Plan without affecting the other student

In this task you will learn how to make individual study plans for each student and at the same time how to prevent this plans are overwritten if you later update the teams study plan



  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. In your own class, find out if any student should have a subject, mabe on a different level than the rest of the team and adapt their individual plan. Do a couple of examples so you get the routine .


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