A case story:

In my team most of the student are very easy to motivate and they are working hard to get their points.

However I have Kasper. Its very hard for him to pull himself together and get all the points he need. From experiences he works best if he have clear targets and works towards something that motivates him

In our budget, we have put aside some extra money for extra program for Kasper.

In stead of just do this extra activities we have decided to try to use it as a motivation for Kasper to sit down and achieve some results.

I would therefore like to make a SP Point Price system where he can earn points and cash out prices like ; going Go-carting, cinema, get educational games etc…

This are thing we have thought about anyway so why not put it into a context where he can learn to work towards something we through this would be a great idea.

Also this might give e feeling of aheeivement for Kasper and he will feel that he has earned it.

In this way SP-Points can be used as a very important pedagogical tool

In this task you will learn how to make a price system for the individual student



  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. Discuss with one of your co-teachers or in the teaching council if this system would be good to implement for any of your students
  3. If yes, try to discuss what kind of prices it could be. Discuss implications and find good arguments so you have them ready if you are going to use different price systems. Maybe you just want it to be the same for the whole team? Take the discussion. It will be quite interesting!





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