Sending and Correcting task is one of the main activities within SDB.
Not a day will pass without a student sending tasks and the teacher correcting them.As a teacher, it is good to understand the technical and pedagogical aspect in correcting tasks and be able to instruct your students how to locate the tasks, how to send it and check if task has been accepted or not.

Below I will go through the steps from task found to points collected


The student selects a study task
There are 4 ways to locate a task:

  1. Directly from the weekplan
  2. Tasks from My Study Plan
  3. Tasks from Free Points studies
  4. Use the Search if you are looking for topics you want to study


The Student resolve and send the task
The student will read through the Introduction. This will give them some background/inspiration about the subject in this task.
Next is the instruction. This is where we tell the students what they have to produce as a product for this task. In test, the student write his answers.

When completed, the student  go to status and mark the task as completed and send it to the teacher


The teacher correct the task
The teacher can locate tasks to be corrected in 2 ways:

  1. From the Communication panel. Every 2 minutes it will be updated.
  2. From  Plan & Point --> Correct Task. If there are any red arrows, it means you have correcting work to do

The teacher reads the test and check that it comply with the instruction of the task or the instruction you verbally have agreed with him/her.
The teacher can write a comment and has the option to accept or reject a task.
If it is accepted, the student will automatically get the points.
If rejected, the comment will tell the student what he has to change and he can resend it when done


The Student gets the task back
The student can find the corrected tasks in 2 ways:

  1. From the Communication area that is updated every 2 minutes
  2. He can go into own status and there is a tab for accepted and corrected tasks.

Corrected means the task has not been accepted and the student has to read the teachers comment on what he has to do and then resend the task.


In this task you will learn this process. We will go through this same process step by step in the film under Files



  1. Watch the film in Files
  2. Instruct the student in finding the tasks, resolve them and send them to the teacher
  3. Correct the tasks and use the comment field
  4. Instruct the student how to access the task from the Communincation Panel. Once opened, it will dissepair so the student also need to know how to access completed and corrected tasks from Own Status



You can pause the film at any time by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard
You can also rewind and forward using the indicator in the player



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