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25% of the time within DmM is marked as courses. Courses are given by the teacher, the headmaster or a guest teacher.
Courses are about topics and not typical school subjects like Math, English, Danish and so on.

The courses also gives a good balance between all the study tasks, where the student themselves has to be the driving force.

In the SDB program, students also get points for participating in these courses.

The process of working with courses in SDB is as follows:

  1. The Teacher add the courses to the teams course plan
  2. The teacher has to mark each course he has held as held in the system
  3. The student has to click participated and send to the teacher
  4. The teacher has to accept or reject the students participation


In this task you will learn how you administrate the points for courses in SDB.



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  1. Watch the film under Files
  2. Look at next weeks course plan. make sure all this courses has been added to the teams course plan
  3. Make sure that the number of points in courses for that week, are correct. If not adjust it
  4. Everytime before holding a course, make sure its marked as held. This means that after the course the student can already mark that they have participated.


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You can pause the film at any time by pressing the Spacebar on your keyoard

You can also rewind and forward using the time indicator in the player



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