In DmM, experiences are given the same value and weight as studies and courses.
Experiences are are described, planned and implemented and concluded upon.
This is a very good process for the students to take part in
Experiences is a very important part in each students personal development
In DmM  we have 3 categories of Experiences.
In this task we will work with Own and Common experiences
Common Experiences are experiences that the whole school, a class or a group of teachers and students do together. This include many of the program highlights as New year Concert, OL, Summer Theatre and travels
Own Experiences are more personal: Your greatest achievement, biggest disappointment, something you learned, Passing my English Exame, Impressions, thoughts etc…

In this task we will go through the process of working with Common and Own experiences


  1. Watch the film
  2. On your own school server make sure you are able to instruct your student how to do an experience task and how to correct them



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