Free Experiences are experience defined, planned and implemented by the student.
This means there are no task already in the database.
Through the daily program, all students goes through several experiences and some of them are not defined in SDB.

In this case, the students can create their own.
They make a wording, plan and suggest points and send the plan to the teacher
The teacher then agree/change the plan, adjust the points if needed and send it back to the student.
The student can now do the actual experience, write his conclusion and send the final product back to the teacher.

This is a very good way for the students to put words on their learning/feelings, to stop up and think what they are learning from each experience

In this task we will go through the process of Free Experiences from the student send the plan to the points are given



  1. Watch the film
  2. Intruduce Free Experiences in your class.
  3. Try to suggest events for some of the students where they can write a free experience and go through the process from start to end



You can pause the flim at any time pressing the space bar on your PC



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